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Zuiderweg 10 2289 BN Rijswijk Netherlands
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About Us

ABC Bedding is a new brand by the TASKIRANLAR Group & UCD B.V. We have more than 40 years of experience in the industry trade. Utilizing the highest technological and quality standards in a completely integrated factory which boasts an open surface of 100.000 m2 and a closed production area of 80.000 m2. In this factory we produce beds, bed frames, headboards, additional accessories and bed linen.

In 2013 and 2014 our company made a great investment in new machinery.  As a result, we work with the most modern production technology in Turkey. Our products have an extremely flexible and customer-oriented production structure that allows it to be applied in products with more than 400, fabric and artificial leather types. With more than 500 experienced employees and a MRP supported production system. Our goal is a yearly production capacity of 300.000 beds and 450.000 mattresses, bedframes, headboards, additional accessories and bed linen.

The domestic and foreign markets are quickly putting their structure forward.

Our mission: By becoming a household name through meeting the expectations of our customers the best we can. Private label, producing environmentally friendly quality products and increase the value and reliability of our brand.

Our vision: To be the leading brand of our sector by continuous improvement of our flexible and customer-oriented production structure. To be the leading brand of the sector at home and abroad with our high quality, technological and modern product range.